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It is essential for you and your baby’s health that you have quality, holistic care throughout your pregnancy. Joanna Sampson, FNP, NP, and Dr. Ashwina Sheth, provide excellent pregnancy care at Gyne Health Women’s Center in Alexandria, Virginia. When you are expecting a little one, call or schedule an appointment online for excellent prenatal care throughout every stage of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Q & A

Why is specialized cared during pregnancy important?

Specialized medical care during pregnancy, or prenatal care, is essential for maintaining a healthy pregnancy and delivery. From the earliest signs of pregnancy, your body goes through many changes. Expert prenatal care benefits both you and your growing little one by:

  • Lowering risks for pregnancy complications
  • Identifying risks for pregnancy complications early
  • Protecting the health of both you and your baby
  • Reduce chances of early or preterm birth
  • Learning healthy habits that support wellness throughout pregnancy
  • Reducing risks for delivery complications
  • Preparation for healthy delivery and recovery
  • Supporting proper nutrition and activity during pregnancy

When you learn that you are expecting a baby, your prenatal care should begin right away. The providers at Gyne Health Women’s Center support you throughout your pregnancy and help connect you to trusted obstetricians who can safely deliver your little one when the time comes.

What does pregnancy care entail?

As part of a comprehensive, holistic approach to prenatal care, your providers offer:

  • Regular prenatal visits
  • Ultrasounds
  • Nutritional support, including prenatal vitamins and diet
  • Screenings for congenital complications  
  • Treatment for common pregnancy ailments, difficulties, and problems
  • Guidance in forming a birth plan
  • Education about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and recovery
  • Knowledge about healthy habits and high-risk behaviors

If you have a chronic illness, such as diabetes, your providers work closely with you to ensure you are as healthy as possible throughout every stage of pregnancy.

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, due to chronic illness or advanced age, you may need to come in for more frequent visits or undergo additional screenings to ensure the fewest complications possible.

What does a regular prenatal visit entail?

Typically, prenatal care begins within about eight to ten weeks after your first missed a menstrual period and continue monthly for the first several months of your pregnancy. During the last trimester, your provider may increase your visits every two weeks. 

Most prenatal visits include:

  • Weight check
  • Fetal heartbeat check
  • Fetal size check
  • Urine check

During different stages of your pregnancy, your visit may also include blood draws or screenings. Your provider may order an ultrasound on your first visit or may suggest you wait until later in your pregnancy. During your visit with your provider, you may ask questions and share concerns you may have.

To schedule your first pregnancy care visit, call, or book online with Gyne Health Women’s Center.